About the Foundation

The Board of the Morris Family Foundation is based in Nashville, Tennessee. We are active professionals with diverse backgrounds in many different fields including:

Education     +     Psychology     +     Medicine     +     Nursing     +     Law     +     Business     +     Special Education     +

Finance     +     Child Development

Everyone Ventures, Everyone Gains

Willingness to Try New Approaches: Looking at education in the largest sense
Our definition of education is nearly limitless. We believe there are no bounds or borders when it comes to the need to learn — to improve one’s circumstances.

Financial, Intellectual & Human Capital: The process of long term execution
Our investment of time and human resources is as essential as our investment of money in the pursuit of any endeavor. We do not aid in temporary fixes; we invest in ongoing solutions.

Growing New Ideas: Good idea+good people+good structure=success
Truly good ideas are born of purposeful vision and grow strong in the care of capable people. We add resources at the root system to ensure truly good ideas flourish.

Mission + Vision

The mission of the Morris Family Foundation is to support the growth of innovative, effective educational practices. We support education in its broadest definition; i.e., the transmission of information. We support projects centered on learners across the lifespan. Projects may take place in traditional school-based settings, or may take the form of vocational education, distance learning or the transmission of cultural information. We are particularly interested in supporting underserved populations and creative uses of technology. We envision a way for educators to free themselves from traditional funding streams, which are generally averse to risk. We seek to provide one-time seed grants to innovative projects which may not otherwise get off the ground. Ideally, grantees will assist in building an infrastructure to support an ongoing project. The Foundation will assist grantees in securing future funding, if necessary. We believe that a good idea + good people + good leadership leads to positive change.

E-Readers in a classroom in Lwala, Kenya (photo: Lwala Community Alliance)